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steel framing constructive galvanized steel systems

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steel framing
sistema constructivo
de acero galvanizado ligero
Why to use Steel Framing like Constructive System?
Directorio de Empresas de Galvanizados
That proposes SFS?
The Steel Framing is a  constructive system of international use based on profiles of galvanized light steel, for being an opened system possesses a great flexibility of design, which makes his its use possible for the resolution of any type of building, in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia they are considered to be practically traditional systems.
SFS proposes to give the most suitable solution of agreement to the knowledge of the different variants or adjustments of the system:
Design of the Structure
Suplier of the profiles or panels
Execution of the structure
Work Complet
steel framing constructive galvanized steel system

When we constructed for the first time with this system we got to know the true dimension the qualities from the steel for the materialization our buildings and we resisted to return to the
traditional systems previously well-known or calls, those silverplated
profiles of low thickness,  interlaced by thousands of screws
forming quickly a cage or mecano by where the crossed rational of the abstract forces they anticipate the final form, from is almost a game there to follow with the tasks to arrive at the finished product, and we realize that we used a material 70 % recycled, little water, little resulting remainder, little energy, few human resources, helped to the sustainability and we  obtained a great work mattering m2 constructed
arq.  adrien joseph, cottura 2007